Exalted Rulers Message

Hello All:

I AM BACK!!!! Yep that is right! Thank you to all the Elk Members and their spouses who worked diligently last year. Now we start anew!

Welcome to all the New & Used members who have stepped up to all the home plates. My goal for this new year is to create a strong foundation, to train all members in their chosen parts, to get them ready for the up and coming years! Each year flies by quickly, so I want to plant the seed now so you “All” can start preparing for 2019-2020.

Officers are still needed! This is important to keep our Elks Lodge Open! Food crews still need members to come forward. Each officer builds their own crew.

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CALL 805-223-6811 Lets Make it happen, “Captains”!

God Bless You All, Fraternally Yours.
Terry W. Gurley
Exalted Ruler

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