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Greetings All:

First of all - Let me be brief!! I had no idea I had gotten so long winded that I spilled over to another page last month. I will make sure I keep it short this time.

I wanted to write about the Fourth of July. I'm really not very creative so I used my old standby, I Googled it ( #ltsMillerTime came up every time). I wanted an idea to help me out here but figured the beer didn't really need to be the focus. I thought about using the Declaration of Independence but it didn't have the tone that I wanted (putting it mildly - actually those folks sound seriously fed up and really teed off). I always try to write a positive article as well as something to enjoy reading. When I thought about the topic I focused on what is important for July but kept coming back to the same thing. I gear my thoughts towards Independence Day but they keep straying back to more local thoughts.

Most people's day will roll out something like this: They will hop out of bed all rested up after sleeping in (just a hunch - I'm not psychic or anything, It's just that the 4th falls on a Saturday this year). A lot of towns have a 4th of July Parade so that is the event of choice for the morning. We have one right over in Solvang - right through the middle of town (traffic backed up for miles). After everyone gets home from the parade they'll start dragging out the grills and getting a fire going, then ribs or chicken. The evening event usually always features fireworks - either home or sponsored by the city. I knew some people that actually built a sort of launcher. It's was on two wheels with a leg to prop it on, once they fired, they would grab the handle and pull it around into the garage. Then they put the blank looks on their faces when the police cruise by and stood around like a bunch of innocent by standers. It's was really pretty juvenile considering we're talking about a group of guys between 40 and 60 year olds (not to mention illegal), and also a bit dangerous.

Considering our lack of water (or regulated water - wonder what the fire department does if fires start on days other than Wednesday or Saturday?), the conditions of our hillsides and that we are smack in the middle of fire season I guess I wound up with a safety brief this month. I wanted to touch on the use of fireworks. So please enjoy the Holiday be careful of fires and stay safe!

Sherri Giovanacci
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