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Greetings to all, I'm trying to shake this feeling of being sad that our summer is now starting to come to an end. In the mornings it seems to take longer to get light and in the evenings it is getting dark sooner. I have noticed a certain, I won't say briskness, so far it doesn't seem enough of a contrast to our warm weather. It is more like a very slight coolness in the mornings, or just a feeling in the air that makes me breathe deeper and open up my lungs (I expect to be corrected on this by multiple sources though and educated on "football weather"). We have had some really warm weather this summer and Lompoc usually always has a good September, October and November. The mornings are good for walking and you can sit outside late in the evening. I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

That being said - we also have had a very dry year. Even though we haven't done to badly on the fire side of things, it is dry and the whole town looks like any green vegetation has long since turned brown. My lawn is hanging by a thread. I know we are in the midst of water rationing and I am trying. It is still hard watching my lawn to dirt. I have to admit that I don't always meet the approved Mon/Wed watering days and one Wed I left it on all night, but if I water on Thurs it is only because I skipped Wed. I sort of have my own rationing schedule (I don't exactly have an excuse for the Wed I left it on all night). Seriously - if I get caught watering on the wrong day - if the water police see my brown lawn they will probably come to the conclusion - that I am not guilty. All the same though, My Lawn Looks Like Hail (sp).

With the summer waning and the anticipation of rain in the future, just a reminder that right now we still need to conserve our water use as it will take a lot of rain to build up our reserves!

Sherri Giovanacci,
Exalted Ruler

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