Exalted Rulers Message


This will be my last letter toyou as your Exalted Ruler. This past year has been quite an experience, one I will never forget. Definitely a learning experience.

Before I go on I want to emphasize to all committee chairmen that as this is the last quarter of the year, all reports are due by the end of March.

Now, I want to thank the Officer Corps, all the Committee members, the volunteers and especially the members for all of your help, support and service to our Lodge.

ER Appreciation Night will be Sunday March 29th, starting at 4:00 PM It will be a Potluck, so bring your favorite dish. Everyone is welcome, just don’t forget to sign in your guests. This is just a small way of showing my appreciation and support to all who helped me in my year as ER I sincerely hope you will give the incoming Officers your full support in the upcoming year.

God Bless You All.

Fred J. Duffey, Exalted Ruler

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