Exalted Rulers Message

Greetings to all,

Hello my Brothers and Sisters, It’s finally time for me to step up and be your Exalted Ruler. After 30 years as a member this is something I’ve looked forward to for a LONG time. I sincerely hope this next year we can make great things happen for our Lodge.

We have been working very hard on getting ready for the Ritual competition. I never realized how difficult it is because the officers of the lodge make it seem so easy. I have been working on this twice a day for the past two months.

I’ll do my best to meet everyone’s expectations and make the lodge better; we’re working on a lot of events to bring the members of our lodge closer together. Many of you may not know we started to do the 11:00 pm toast every night members are present. Hopefully we will keep this going.

I urge members of our lodge to get involved with a committee or on a cooking or service crew. Without the help and support of our members none of this is possible.

This year’s Ritual competition will be hosted by San Luis Obispo Elks Lodge, right here in our own lodge on April 22nd and 23rd. Come in, watch some of the other lodges participate in the competition.

I would also like to invite you all to come into our lodge for lunch, served Monday through Friday (except first Thursday of each month). I look forward to seeing more members here in our lodge more often.

Come on down and join in the fellowship.

Fraternally Yours
Dan Oliveira, Exalted Ruler

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