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Christmas Greetings: This past month began with the CHEA mid-term conference in Sacramento. It was followed by our Veterans day luncheon which is always well attended. The 22nd saw our own Robert Schrum, DDGER, homecoming and of course, Thanksgiving on the 27th.

To start off December, there will be a Memorial Service on December 7th for our departed members of 2014. It’s a wonderful ceremony and I hope you will make it a point to attend. It begins at 1:00 p.m.

Christmas is upon us and a New Year. Many will be traveling to visit family and loved ones. Travel safely. For those who are staying home, come on down to the Lodge and enjoy the Tom and Jerry Night on Christmas Eve. There will be Children’s Christmas party on the 20th with Santa Claus paying us a visit and the New Years Eve party on the 31st (when else?).

If you’re a new member, the Holidays are a great time to come in and meet other members and if you sponsored a member or more and have not seen them in a while, please call them and invite them to the Lodge and invite them to all the functions. It is important to build a stronger link within the membership here and throughout Elkdom.

On a final note, it seems that the membership needs a reminder, as anyone not a member entering our Lodge may not understand, we are not a public bar or restaurant. Meals and drinks at an Elks Lodge are for the membership and their guests only. With specific permits limited because of our non profit charitable tax exemption, catering and only certain public events are allowed. Our facilities, our volunteers, and even employees and non members providing support, all must be managed accordingly per Grand Lodge Statues as government and state officiates scrutinize how we operate. How we get our monies for charity are watched even closer because of laws specific to raffles. Fund-raising like street barbecues or catering outside our membership ‘can be’ violations to our nonprofit licensing that ‘can’ result in loss of our liquor license and our Elks charter.

With this, have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and may God bless you all.

Fred J. Duffey, Exalted Ruler

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