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It is September and that means Labor Day and shortly after that the end of summer, end of vacations (for most) and the return of Lompoc's children to school. So please be careful when out and about on the road.

August was rather busy. We had the visitations in our area from the CHEA President Floyd ''Skip” Henke and his wife Karen. Their final stop being here in Lompoc for breakfast with his entourage. A big thanks to Sylvia who was a great help, Phil Hagar and his crew, Trustee Lis for cashiering and my entire Officer crew for their participation.

We also had a DDGER clinic for our top Officers in Santa Barbara. Saturday, September 20th is the Lodges 25th annual Happy Happenings event at the Kiwanis Lake at River Park. This is a fun and fantastic event where our special needs friends and family come out for a few hours of fishing. Everyone, and I mean everyone, has a great time at this event and I invite you all to attend.

September is also when committee reports for the quarter are due, so I implore all you committee heads to get started on those reports as they are due the end of September.

Make sure you check your calendar for upcoming events at Lodge and I hope to see you there.

Fred J. Duffey, Exalted Ruler

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