Exalted Rulers Message


My year as Exalted Ruler is now beginning and I am honoured to be in the position. I know there is hard work ahead but I want to let you know that I will do my best to represent our Elks. We have some challenges to overcome but we also have some great supporters to assist us. Those long term PERs, Officers, Trustees and members have a wealth of experience and loyalty to our organization, I will embrace their assistance. I realize that I cannot do this alone, but together we can make it a great year. I value your input, suggestions, guidance and hard work I’m excited about the future and look forward to working with you all.

I want to thank our ritual coaches for all their time. Just as the commitment of coming to the Lodge meetings is sometimes difficult to accomplish, the ritual practice is an additional commitment that our coaches take on. They volunteer their time to groom and guide us. I have to say that I felt really good about our ritual performance practices this year. After three years in “Elk Academy” I finally felt like an “upperclassman”. I also thought our ritual team was shaping up to be really good; I have hopes of us being number one at the contest. At practice they didn’t seem to be yelling as much. I interpreted this as we must be getting better. Hmmmm? In my head, I could already see us picking up our awards. Then came February and I felt like someone stole my lunch money. The PERs conducted the initiation ritual at the meeting --- I was so disappointed – in myself – I have to say that I left the Lodge room properly “schooled”. Maybe the coaches stopped yelling because they were just getting tired of us making the same mistakes over and over. Hmmmm? Now, I think maybe I need to practice more, a lot more! The PERs were polished and professional. It was not just the words they said; it was the presentation as a whole. Their tone, cadence and timing as a team during the ritual was impressive (the coaches use that on us all the time – “you have to be Impressive” we must have blank stares back at them). I get it now. I know they did the ritual last year at the same time but I didn’t pick up on it (must have been an “underclassman” back then). The thing is the difference between our performance and theirs is not so subtle either, there is a big gap. The years of experience that they bring to the ritual was shining that night. So I have to get that Elk in the headlights look off my face and practice, practice, practice. Kudos to you Sirs and Maam!

We are now big into the swing of things with our Queen Candidate Tess Leach. I’m sure you have all seen her and met her at the Elks Lodge by now. If not, I am sure it will happen soon. I am so pleased that we have someone of her caliber to represent our Lodge. Please join the Queen Mother – Ann Clark – and the whole support team at working hard to put her picture on our wall. If you haven’t had the chance to meet her, please feel free to introduce yourself, chances are she will probably get to you first though. She loves to meet people and has a wonderful personality. That brings me to the Flower Festival Ticket sales (you probably knew I was going to get to this eventually). I was so happy to hear that this was an event where we can support our candidate but also have the opportunity to make some money for our Elks Lodge. The way it works is the first $2,500.00 of tickets sold by our candidate Tess go direct to the Flower Festival Association. After that 65% of all funds raised above the $2500 minimum go back to the organization. Folks, we have a Win Win situation here!! Along with supporting the queen candidate and buying her tickets for different events, you will also get an opportunity to eat some great food and have some fun. Oh and don’t forget that you could also win one of the great prizes that go with the tickets.

Sherri Giovanacci
Exalted Ruler

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