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Greetings All:

    Summer is humming along and I am starting to relax into a slower pace (hopefully my boss isn't reading this). It must be the warm weather we have had. The Elks pace is picking up though, we have several Saturday night functions that are proving to be a lot of fun. Carlos and Company are going like gangbusters. Awesome Job Carlos!!
    Michael McGlinte provided a great overview of the new reaching for a word here - Juke box probably is not correct. That more likely describes the vintage (using the wor vintage loosely here) (Archaic is more like it) juke box that we used to have. It will be a great improvement to our Elks Lodge. It takes a little more effort to create change here. There are a lot of approvals that are needed. The idea has to be considered by the board (it's like herding cats), approved by the members at the meetings, coordinated, funded, scheduled. Awesome job Michael!
    If you are a new member and are interested in volunteering, please contact me. It is sometimes hard to be picked up as a volunteer even though you want to help. Those responsible for the various crews have grown comfortable with their workers and know that they can depend on them. Sometimes it is hard to break into a group even though you are saying (Hellooooo I want to work - did I mention - for free). I have had several people say that working on a crew looks really fun and can they help only to find out that they call and renege at the last minute or just forget and leave me stranded and scrambling for a replacement. Even so, I want to really try to pick up some new members on the crews. I am noticing that people go through the effort to join but sometimes after that I don't see much of them anymore. I think sometimes that if they had an event that committed them and brought them down, they would soon feel comfortable and a part of the happenings and events.
    My weekends have been filled with visits and visitations.
I have the privilege to represent our Lodge this weekend in
Oxnard at the State Presidents Visitation. I am looking
forward to it and also to meeting some of the Oxnard Elk

Exalted Ruler

Sherri Giovanacci

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