Exalted Rulers Message

Hi all,

This month I want to take a minute to talk about some of the changes that you may have noticed in the lodge. We have been trying to greet our members and guests on Friday nights at the door. I feel that it's an honor to present my card whenever asked and I do it without hesitation. It also gives the greeter the ability to recognize our members and thank them for coming to the lodge and also to register their guests in the book. Also when you bring guests into the lodge and we encourage this, you are responsible for them the entire evening. If you wish to leave early your guests must also leave, and you are responsible for their actions while in the lodge. This is nothing new, it's been a house rule ever since I became a member. I'm just reminding everyone that these rules are in place for a reason. It is our intention to bring these rules to the members attention because as time goes on they sometimes get forgotten. Also there have been some situations that have arisen where a members key card has been given to a guest to enter the lodge. This is strictly forbidden. When we find a members key card and no membership card with it we will keep the card and the member will have to retrieve it. It will also be brought before the house committee for review. Please do not ever give your key card to anyone. Keep it in your possession at all times.

Here are a couple of important dates to remember:

June 4th – 9:00 am – CPR/AED Class—This class might be held in the lounge depending on how many peo-ple attend. This is a free class for all members. This is a great opportunity to learn the basics of CPR and how to use the AED unit that is located to the left of the members bar on the wall. Unfortunately, there will be no certificate given for this class, but I know everyone will learn from the class.

June 3rd – 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm – The Dylan Ortega Band.

We will be having CYO in the ball room , come down and enjoy the great music and food!

Fraternally Yours
Dan Oliveira, Exalted Ruler

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