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Happy Birthday America! You're 238 years old and despite efforts of some in our country, we are still the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!

With summer officially in gear, the next couple of months will be probably be slower than usual with people taking vacations and enjoying time with family. Just don't forget your friends at the Lodge. We'll still be doing those things we usually do, such as meetings and dinners, etc..

I would like to extend an invitation to one of you out there to act as a Sickness and Distress chairman. The “job” would entail contacting members, especially long time members, who are unable to get out, let alone come to Lodge. You could make phone calls to our members who are ill or infirm. Maybe an actual visit to the members home. I fear that many of these members may feel forgotten by the Lodge and to me, that's a crying shame as at one time they were the ones that made this Lodge so great. As Sickness and Distress Chairman at another Lodge years ago, it was amazing just how much those members enjoyed receiving contact from someone from their Lodge. It truly meant a lot to them. More than one member volunteering would be even better. So if you're looking for something worthwhile to do, this would be it and it wouldn't take a lot of time out of your day. While I am on the subject of committees, I urge all of you Committee Chairman to keep up on your committees and keep your events and reports current. I hope you all have a safe and fun July and see you at Lodge.

Fred J. Duffey, Exalted Ruler

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