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We are in the final stretch with our Queen candidate. We have had some great fund raising events. Our Dessert sales were wonderful. We had so much support with the baking. We almost had too many people offering (but seriously, can you really have too many desserts). The Spaghetti dinner was fantastic. We are still getting compliments on it. Mexican night enjoyed the same success. The Golf tournament was off the hook. That took a bit more to pull off but it was worth it. We wanted to make sure that we maxed out our entries and then put on an enjoyable tournament. Once again we were bombarded with support. People just ask what the next event is and they participate, work and come to enjoy. It has been an absolute pleasure.

I am constantly humbled by the continued support of all I participate in with our Elks. It feels good to be surrounded with such good people. They want the Elks and our Queen drive to be a success so they rally behind it and buy raffle tickets and desserts and join in with whatever we do because
they want to see us succeed and feel glad inside for us whenwe do. They are truly good!! A person told me once (no not Earl this time) that you can tell the simple goodness in people and the bad about them when you look inside them at how they feel about others. When something good happens to
someone like if they buy a new car or get a great new job — are others truly happy inside that the person is flourishing enough to be able to have the shiny new car or get the great new job (lets say a big fat raise) or are they really jealous and covetous inside? On the same note, if something bad happens to someone like say they wreck that new car or get fired from their job, do they have real compassion for the unfortunate or on the inside are they secretly happy that something bad happened to someone? I have never forgotten it. When I look at our Elks supporters I really feel that they are truly good people, good friends and feel good inside that we are successful.

Amidst of all going on with our Elks and our Queen candidate I keep thinking about how nice it would be to have her picture on the wall. I hear other Elks talk with pride about the pictures on the wall and the support they gave thecandidate during her competition. Even though we are busy raising money for our Elks as well as our Queen candidate(remember, the first 2,500.00 of tickets sold by our candidate Tess go direct to the Flower Festival Association and we have already met this goal so now 65% of all funds raised comeright back to our own Elks) That is not all it takes to win.
The girls are judged by the Rose Bowl Judges who meet the girls on the day of coronation. This first impression is important and Tess meeting all of you in the lodge has helped prepare her for this day. Later that night during the Coronation, each candidate gives her speech and the judges convene to make their decision. No matter the outcome, we are proud of Tess and happy for her to represent our Lodge!

Sherri Giovanacci
Exalted Ruler

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